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really? [Jun. 13th, 2010|10:57 pm]
Wow has it been that long since ive updated?
well just saying now that im on this for now
i have a tumblr =)
so feel free to stop by and check on that i'll be updating on that much more then this one
so there you go =D
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when you least exspect it [Aug. 4th, 2009|04:37 am]
At times you will wonder how,why,who,when...there are just a few things that i dont think
i can ever explain
But theres always a reason for a incomplete sentence.

It just has to be that way
But in the long run you will realize why.

I dont really say much because its not needed...but i already know without saying it.

You just got to wait
be patient
be relaxed
and sooner or later it will flash before you eyes.

You got to love the unexpected.

cause i do

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At work Spo style [Aug. 3rd, 2009|08:47 pm]
So officially
I worked for REA Rosetta stone
I worked for PTM(of course)Rosetta stone
and now im at SPO Rosetta stone(who would of thought!)
and im going to be here for a while
to tell you the truth i prefer being here then being at the airport
(my kiosk is right next to Victoria Secret)XD

Other then that traffic can be a bitch at times and i can spend time hanging out with jeremy more often.
Which reminds me im trying to get him a job here since he lives right down the street and they need 1 more person anyways
And i am that last min guy like always
But i still get a good amount of hours =)

Other then that next month YEAH YEA~~
Gonna be leaving to go to SD going to see Viki for our 1 year anniversary
yeah....cant believe its already been that long...crazy huh?
Well im still at work and its about time to close so peace!.

(which reminds me...i havent been to sleep in over 24 hours and yet im still working....got to love addy...30mg of it XD)
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Im not dead lol [Jul. 29th, 2009|11:56 am]
Yeah i know i dont really update that much anymore
but i just never really have anything to write but i guess i'll start writing now.

So far what i have been doing like always is working and playing games when i have time
I barely get to talk on the phone with viki cause shes at her aunts house
and while shes there shes always doing something that occupies her.
I miss her alot and i wish we can talk more often but i guess i just have to wait it out till she gets back to S.D.

In other news im also working in the mall in Culpeper(sp?) and i'll prolly be sleeping in stafford alot like i did last year around this time of the year.

The days are short the nights are long
I dont get enough sleep cause i end up waiting for viki to call me
and at times she dosnt call me at all so i end up falling asleep around 6ish to 7ish.

But like i said all i have to do is wait.

Im off Thursday,Work friday morning in Culpeper, work in the afternoon on sat in Potmills then off sunday
work next week on weds sat and sunday
but i want to take off work on sat so i can go to the filipino festival Aug 8th.

Ive been practicing the guitar while im at home but what i really really really(no seriously) really want to do is play the piano cause i havent touched one in forever.
I'm prolly thinking about buying a cheap one for the hell of it.
I need a new camera cause i dont really have a good working condition one.
I need a new phone.
I need alot of things but you know i can wait for these things to happen.

Which btw my 1 year with viki is in september if i havent mentioned it yet.
I'll be gone on the 15th of sep and returning on the 23rd.
So for now im saving up money for the trip, too bad she will be in school most of the time but hey thats what i get for not going to school.

Meh i still want a new car...but i have to say getting to point a to b is better then not getting there at all...well not being able to get anywhere without a transportation sucks period.

Well im back to work i think i updated enough.
Feel free to ask me anything and i'll update more

(And when the notes have been retuned does that mean were fine again?
i'll strum this cord the way i used to so we both can sing
This song was made for you but now i see that its not in tune
so i'll restring the strings and play a new cord so we can be renewed)
Just something i thought at the top of my head.

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well in other news [May. 11th, 2009|03:16 pm]
I havent been updating cause ive been working and instead been using xanga...too lazy to go back and forth with live journal and xanga...cause i like to write diffrent entries for both of them instead of the whole copy and paste thing -_-;

But yeah right now im at work and just checkin around cause i had nothing to do SLow SLOW SLWOSODJIL AWJLKJAWHIU day today.

I'll be leaving on sat or friday to go to cali for vikis prom
then i'll be there for about 2 weeks cause of my bday as well
fun fun fun right?

and well in shoft news everything is okay

A few bumps here and there but thats normal

oh yeah...i got a hair cut...

short short short
erika has it up on her lj

to lazy to post it up here

or just check the myspace in the next few weeks to check it out...


(holy crap im going to be 20 soon....o_O)
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random [Feb. 21st, 2009|04:09 pm]
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R.I.P. [Dec. 19th, 2008|09:23 am]
Jean and Jim Smith

You both were so good to me during the times when i needed it

And now that your both gone

Life shows how unpredictable it can be...

Till we meet agian

I'll be praying for you guys.
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Meh [Nov. 25th, 2008|03:36 am]
So far everything has its place and how everything is going now
well i couldent be happier or sad

I just got to let things go with the flow like i used too

But i seem to lost my rhythm in everything...meh just my luck right?

I guess its because im not as busy as i used to be...Back then when i was with jen i would always be up and about doing things for her trying to do as she pleased at her every demand...
As we broke up i found time to do things my own way as in getting away from home keeping myself busy with work and what not...

Well i left that work and now im working at Pac-Sun...and meh its fun few down parts but thats pretty much it

I Dont see jen that much at the mall nore do i even talk to her...and im happy for it

Im not as busy as i used to be...maybe i should do something about it T-T;;

But on another note im prolly gonna post pictures up when i update again from my trip to SD hopefully viki will be coming down to visit in Feb so i can celebrate her birthday and my moms

We got a few fights here and there...but man im happy shes not like jen...at least when we fight she dosnt go off hanging up on me or leaving me in the dark...viki at least tries talking to me and explains to me why shes upset...thats why i love her so much

But i do hope that jen is doing well for herself...i just hope she doesnt do anything stupid to the point where she wants to die or something(which i find really immature)

hair was blue now its black...prolly gonna put blonde in it...but its black now cause pac-sun wont let me keep my blue hair T-T

dont know what els to update
so i'll end it with this

(Its starting to feel like December)
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long update XD [Nov. 9th, 2008|11:55 pm]
I'm happy where things are going right now...sure a few things here there that i can fix or im upset about but hey its something that i always deal with anyways you know?

My phone got cut off(both phones)...apparently i went over my limit with my Phone with my parents and well my other phone i just dont care about anymore...idk whats going on with that but meh for now i have no phone so if you need my number just Chat me on aim to get my attention...its not like i've been going out my house alot lately either...gah i hate it.....well on another note me and viki are planning on getting our own phones. We still dont know which company yet but im pretty sure its prolly sprint or t-mobile

I start working at Pac-Sun on the 19th and im prolly looking for another one soon my aunt tells me that theres this retirement home thats looking for people so i might do that because i love working with people.

Been playing my bass on my free time i miss playing it(julie had it for like 43892q734534 months) But she took care of it...just one of the knobs came off cause its that old...i need to get a new one(its like 4 years old i think? maybe more) And im planing on buying a Blue guitar also...just got to save up money for it and what not.

Alot of weird dreams going on...not sure what its suppose to mean but idc im just gonna let it be and go with the flow...usually i look into my dreams...but each one isnt making any sense a few parts here and there but its just jumbled up they have no connection.

Im going to get my eyes checked tomorrow hopefully get new glasses while im at it...not sure if my eyes got worse or anything but its been like...erm 3 years? since i got my last eye check...but im pretty sure it was 2 years or something...i want a new pair of glasses anyways XD

As for my car atm...The gas prices are going down...which is really great! its down to 1.92 around here and i think premium is like 2.34? or something XD its awesome. So once i get my paycheck from where ever im gonnna fill her up with Premium...she deserves it...actually my car has been running better then before...not sure if its because of the cold weather or maybe because i dont take it out as much as i used to but yeah...its running great...i love it

On another note...i've been hanging out with Santi,Josh,and Stevie alot more and we have been smoking hooka in my garage and everytime i bring out vikis ipod and play it on my speakers...wow surprisingly they all were happy with the music on it XD...alot of old school songs and good songs...like seriously good ones ( you got good taste in music babe <3).

Meh i guess thats it for now...i got a few things on my mind but thats prolly just going to blow over so its w.e.
Its another RJ thing if you know what i mean...(which you guys prolly dont but julie XD)

(The stars spell out your name....It really does)
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Yeah [Oct. 8th, 2008|08:58 pm]
Things cant get any better then this

I really love this girl

(taste the rhythm)

I'll post pictures up soon

but i already have it in my xanga and myspace if you want to look at it.
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